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Warranty on Motor, Parts, and Workmanship


BackPack Vacuums

  • Superior 71 dB rating for whisper quiet operation
  • Ergonomically designed back support and harness
  • Lightweight at only 10.5 lbs.
  • Four stage filtration with 100 inch waterlift
  • Complete set of tools and adjustable double bend wand 

Product Specifications

  • Model No.: PF300BP
  • Motor: 1 stage, 115 volts
  • Bag: 1.5 gallons
  • Agitator: Crevice, dust, carpet tools, hard floor
  • CFM: 120 Cleaning
  •  Width: 11 inch
  • Wattage: 1400
  • Volts: 115
  • Approvals: ETL / AS4260.2 (Int) with HEPA filter
  • Weight(lbs.): 10.5 pounds
  • Warranty: 1 year motor, parts, workmanship 

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PF9H Canister Vacuums

Modular system allows easy exchange of both

the power cord and vacuum motor to be

replaced without tools or costly service bills

Unit is available in high filtration and HEPA

models with removable filters.


Performance is maximized with design features

making sure that 90% of the engine power is

converted into suction energy.

Constructed of a high quality copolymer, these

vacuums stand up to the rigors of commercial

cleaning, but are lightweight and maneuverable.

Low decibel ratings make it possible to use

these vacuums during regular working hours,

even in hospitals!


PF14 & PF18

  • 105 CFM
  • Dual motors - 1000 watt vacuum motor and 1.7 amp brush motor for maximum performance
  • Electronic indicators for full bag, bristle contact, belt breakage, brush roll blockage and airway blockage
  • Cord connection indicator light and easy cord replacement
  • 69 dB for whisper quiet operation 

Product Specifications

  • Model No.: PF14
  • Motor: 6.1 amp Ametek / Lamb (UL / CSA)
  • Bag: 2 gal high filtration
  • Agitator: Polyethylene with steel shaft, replaceable bristle
  • CFM: 100 Cleaning 
  • Width: 14 inch or  18 inch 
  • Wattage: 1200
  • Volts: 115
  • Approvals: CSA / NRTL / C approved / LR782541 rev3 / HEPA
  • Weight (lbs.): 22 pounds
  • Warranty: 1 year motor, parts, workmanship 

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 Upgrade your Janitorial equipment and Improve the indoor air quality while vacuuming with the versatile Powr-Flite model PF82HF containing sealed HEPA filtration system. The PF82HF is UL listed for commercial use and includes a washable HEPA filter that captures dust and allergen particles down to .3 microns in size. The oversized diameter hose resist clogging and stretches to 10 feet. Additional carpet cleaning features include a brushroll window to alert the user if the belt needs replacing, on-board cleaning accessories, a one piece handle, a quiet commercial cleaning equipment grade motor, headlight and a 15" cleaning width. Model PF82HF features a bag lid safety latch to prevent operation of the unit without a bag in place. The perfect combination of features, power and filtration, the PF82HF is an excellent choice for hospitals, nursing homes and busy offices. 

 Product Specifications:

Model No.PF82HF

Motor: 9.0 amp (UL / CSA)

Bag: LS Style

Agitator: Wood with replaceable brush strips

CFM: 55.7Cleaning 

Width: 15 inches

Wattage: 1000

Volts: 120

Approvals: UL

Weight (lbs.)18 pounds

Warranty:  year motor, parts, workmanship


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